Let’s take a step back in time.
It is the seventies and to speak about making a “blend” is like breaking a taboo. And yet, young Sylvio Jermann, goes against the grain. With great inventiveness and skill he devises and creates a blend that has never been seen before, of Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Malvasia Istriana, Ribolla Gialla and Picolit. And as if that was not thinking out of the box enough ... he also gives a name to the wine that totally breaks with tradition: he calls it Vintage Tunina, inspired by the pet name used by Giacomo Casanova for his “peasant mistress”.
Many years have passed. Vintage 2015 marked the 40th anniversary of Vintage Tunina, an achievement that shows how this wine still today is confirmed as the emblem of the Jermann Wineries.
In 2016 Vintage Tunina, was awarded best Italian white wine in the world.
So, what does being innovative really mean? It mostly means to challenge all the things we take for granted, and turn them upside down and inside out.
What’s more In 1996/97, cork closures are still considered the best way to close the bottles; a system inherited centuries before from the French vigneron who supplied wine to the Papacy. But again, Sylvio knows that times change and that the world is becoming smaller that imagined before.
And he knows it because he travels a lot and reflect on things. And why his wines are appreciated in the States and in the rest of the world?
As a visionary yet pragmatic he asks himself: “what if I break another taboo and seal the bottles of my best wine with a Stelvin cap?”
That is how a screw cap made Vintage Tunina, Dreams, Red Angel and all the other Jermann wines the most “uncapped”.
This choice was once again confirmed as winning by the vertical tasting event held in Rome in 2016. Vintage Tunina with a Stelvin cap of 1997 was judged “perfect”, and indeed it was perfect also for the aromas and scents it had preserved thanks to the screw cap.
Of course, as always, Sylvio chose to work with a great partner: Stelvin, the best screw cap available. Sylvio’s choice was forward-looking and rewarding, and indeed today Stelvin caps are used for all Jermann wines, guaranteeing consumers all over the world the best possible wine experience for each bottle that leaves the Jermann wineries of Villanova and Ruttars.



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