PIGNA: is the variety of Pignolo grape. “Pigna” is Italian for pine cone, which the shape of a bunch of these grapes resembles.

COLUSSE: is the cadastral name of the vineyard.
Like Ribolla, and others, Pignolo is an ancient variety native to Friuli. This grape variety has almost disappeared but a number of wineries have returned to growing it.
The variety was defined in the 1930s by Prof. Dalmasso as follows: “a singular wine, and one of luxury…”
We have decided to invest in this variety because we believe that Pignolo has a strong personality with an accented local tang, with a taste that is assertive, very crisp and rich in tannin, although in less favourable vintages it can be a bit rough and rugged (and in this it actually rather resembles the Friulans themselves).
Production involves fermentation in wooden vats, with punching-down done manually and subsequent ageing in small barrels of new oak for a period of 18-24 months, and the wine is sold 3 years after the harvest.
“The label” continues the philosophy of our Capo Martino: producing serious wines with local historic varieties, using production and vinification methods rooted in tradition.
Depending on the vintage, the aromas release prune, carob, leather, cocoa and coffee, and in the mouth it reveals its power, robustness, and rich tannins.