In the new cellar, technological innovation is expertly integrated with architectural tradition. Great oakwood barrels create a magical atmosphere. This is the same material that was used 50 years ago, just as the passion is the same as it always has been, handed down generation after generation.

Inaugurated on 07/07/07, the cellar is surrounded by over 20 hectares of vineyard and it is designed exclusively for the vinification of Capo Martino and Vignatruss (the vines for these varieties are right beside the cellar) and of Dreams and Vintage Tunina, the wines that more than any other have brought success to the Jermann company.

Here the terrain, with its unique characteristics, is light and cool. The temperatures are not too hot and this, coupled with cold nights, means the aromas and perfumes are not lost and they come from the vine right to the wine.


Cantina di Ruttars - Località Trussio, 11
Frazione Ruttars 34070 Dolegna del Collio (Gorizia)
Tel. +39 0481/63.01.37
Fax. +39 0481/63.92.50